Saturday, January 9, 2010

Holy Mackerel

Here in the Pacific Northwest it doesn't get near as cold as it did in my home state of Maine, but it still gets cold nonetheless. Temps into the 40's have been steering me toward the acrylic medium and away from the watercolors. My new studio, housed in the garage of our new house, is watercolors tend not to dry at the same rate and it really makes your washes challenging. But for those of you who know my art well, you know that I work in acrylics too. I've been painting up a storm with my Golden Acrylics this winter, and having lots of fun. Fish and Water themes are a constant thread through my work, and this winter is no exception. Here is my latest painting "Holy Mackerel", a whimsical piece I did during the month of December. The fish actually has silver paint, so the mackerel changes color and value as you walk by the painting...much like the shimmering silver fish. This piece is currently hanging at Artists' Edge in Poulsbo. Holy Mackerel, 36x24, Acrylic on Canvas, $1200