Thursday, October 30, 2008

Playing Chess with an Artist

I've enjoyed playing chess since I was very young. In my short life so far I've battled against my dad, my grandfather, and many friends. The game of strategy is very intriguing, and I honestly admit I hate to lose. I still have the very same chess set today, although now the figurines are models in my studio. These days I am fascinated with the chess pieces and the game symbolic of war. I grew up during a time when we as a people were convinced large scale war was no longer an option, at least after the "Cold War". Now, it seems as if things are spiraling out of control, and I'm looking at these figurines in a very different light. Here is my latest painting, "Into the Knight", a monochromatic B+W acrylic painting on cradled paulownia board. The piece stands 24 inches tall by 18 wide, and is offered at $800.
Prints are 12x18 inches for $30.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pacific Northwest Wine

"Pacific Northwest Wine" is my latest watercolor painting, bringing together the appreciation of a great red wine & the plight of the PNW salmon. This watercolor is 7x10 unframed, and offered at $250. Matted Prints are available for $30.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Return to Rialto Beach

The seastacks along the coast of both Washington and Oregon are some of the most amazing rock formations I have ever seen. I keep returning there to paint them as subjects. For me, there is something awe-inspiring about them that even I cannot explain even after painting them for years. These paintings were completed recently, after several commissions were completed this fall. I felt the need to get back to the studio and let things flow, breaking away from "specific" projects.