Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Catch

Here's my most recent work, a storyboard about 2 brothers growing up fishing together. The story was developed after learning of their real experiences, catching salmon and other fish in the Puget Sound here near Seattle. I wanted to capture that magical feeling that most people can remember about their childhood, and it seemed appropriate to incorporate my flying salmon into the story. To these boys, this was the time of their life. The fish play important charcters in this story as they did in Jack & Jerry's childhood, and the octopus does as well. The story is made up of 21 individual watercolor paintings with silver paint and ink pen embellishments. The panels are all different sizes and fit together into one long frame. Here is a video I put together with a little music as well. I will post photos of the finished framed piece later this week. Prints will be available soon. Enjoy.