Monday, December 29, 2008

Painting Houses....

One of my latest house portraits was just completed. More can be seen on my architectural rendering site...Seattle House Portrait

Monday, November 17, 2008

House Portrait Commissions as gifts

Here is my latest watercolor of the Inn at Port Ludlow in Washington State. As an artist I also do architectural watercolors as "house portraits". They make a great gift and can commemorate one's home, a summer beach house, vacation location, honeymoon location, real estate closing gift, or retirement gift. If you are interested in commissioning a house portrait or painting of any kind, please contact me at my email address. On site consultations are available in the greater Seattle area. Further out pictures can be mailed or emailed to me to work from. Order now to guarantee Christmas delivery.
Inn at Port Ludlow, Washington, watercolor, 14x10, $300 unframed

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Playing Chess with an Artist

I've enjoyed playing chess since I was very young. In my short life so far I've battled against my dad, my grandfather, and many friends. The game of strategy is very intriguing, and I honestly admit I hate to lose. I still have the very same chess set today, although now the figurines are models in my studio. These days I am fascinated with the chess pieces and the game symbolic of war. I grew up during a time when we as a people were convinced large scale war was no longer an option, at least after the "Cold War". Now, it seems as if things are spiraling out of control, and I'm looking at these figurines in a very different light. Here is my latest painting, "Into the Knight", a monochromatic B+W acrylic painting on cradled paulownia board. The piece stands 24 inches tall by 18 wide, and is offered at $800.
Prints are 12x18 inches for $30.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pacific Northwest Wine

"Pacific Northwest Wine" is my latest watercolor painting, bringing together the appreciation of a great red wine & the plight of the PNW salmon. This watercolor is 7x10 unframed, and offered at $250. Matted Prints are available for $30.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Return to Rialto Beach

The seastacks along the coast of both Washington and Oregon are some of the most amazing rock formations I have ever seen. I keep returning there to paint them as subjects. For me, there is something awe-inspiring about them that even I cannot explain even after painting them for years. These paintings were completed recently, after several commissions were completed this fall. I felt the need to get back to the studio and let things flow, breaking away from "specific" projects.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Catch

Here's my most recent work, a storyboard about 2 brothers growing up fishing together. The story was developed after learning of their real experiences, catching salmon and other fish in the Puget Sound here near Seattle. I wanted to capture that magical feeling that most people can remember about their childhood, and it seemed appropriate to incorporate my flying salmon into the story. To these boys, this was the time of their life. The fish play important charcters in this story as they did in Jack & Jerry's childhood, and the octopus does as well. The story is made up of 21 individual watercolor paintings with silver paint and ink pen embellishments. The panels are all different sizes and fit together into one long frame. Here is a video I put together with a little music as well. I will post photos of the finished framed piece later this week. Prints will be available soon. Enjoy.

Monday, July 28, 2008


This my latest painting, taking a quick drawing from a sketchbook and following the idea through. I guess it could mean many things....16x20 Acrylic on Canvas $600

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dreaming of Italy

It has been over a full year since we've been back to Italy, and we've had much regret over our decision to not go this spring due to the fall of the dollar against the euro. So with plans underway for a great trip next spring, I have undertaken a series of Italian works from photos taken on previous trips. These two new paintings have just been finished in the last week or so, and I have more in progress. The first is Villa Rivetta on Lake Como in S. Maria Rezonnico. This was the house we stayed in many times during our trips. The second is another addition to my Venetian Windows series. Venice is a wonderful ancient place, and the contrast between the old weathered buildings and the new flowers always catches my eye. The Venice Window piece is $200 unframed. The Villa Rivetta piece is not for sale.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Left Handed

Well, here is my latest painting, "Left Handed". The watercolor sketch "Mermaid from Venice" below evolved into this, a simpler figurative work, and ultimately one I am happier with. This painting is done the finest Golden Acrylic Paints on masonite, size 24x18. SOLD Watch the site for new Italian paintings which will be finished soon. I am working on one from Lake Como, and another from Venice.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Mermaid from Venice, A Study

This is my latest watercolor painting, a small study for a larger painting I hope to be working on soon. The idea of mermaids existing in Venice is not too far off once you have been there and fallen in love with this greatest of all Italian cities. The mystery of what lies beneath the surface of the water can sometimes lead our imaginations to interesting depths. This painting (6x11 inches) is offered unframed at SOLD. Interested collectors please email me...

Monday, February 18, 2008

New Works....

Here are some new works....with more new paintings coming soon.


This painting was done many months ago but I figured I should post it here...especially since I have given up the old traditional site and now going full tilt with the blog format. This painting "Near The End Of The War" is a 36x24 inch acrylic on canvas. Price for the original is $1200, while 12x18 prints are available for $20. This painting is a commentary on war(s) of our time. Read into it what you will. Just because you capture the king, that does not necessarly mean you win the game. At the edge of the chess board, Alfred is just trying to catch another fish...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Black & White Movie

Here is a new painting from my latest series combining two themes from the past: Movie Theaters & The Game of Chess. Many years ago I painted a series involving the interior of movie theaters - all with blank white screens. Now I am experimenting with painting images on the screen, and Chess pieces can be implied as analogies for many issues facing our world today. This is an acrylic painting on canvas, size 24x20, $800. Prints may be available soon.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Welcome everyone to the new format for my website. I'm painting more and more these days, so it really made more sense to switch over to this blog format. It is more interactive: you can comment on postings with a registered Google Account (it's free) and it's easy to post recent work while also keeping all previous posts in the archives for your viewing and reading pleasure. You'll notice that I no longer use, and that the new web address to find me at is Please update your bookmarks as will soon be inactive....Thanks everyone for checking in...Here I am painting in the studio.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dream A Little Dream

When I was very young, I used to have nightmares....still do. My parents used to try to tell me to "think of something nice and happy before bedtime", soI gave it a try....That night I was thrilled to see Ronald McDonald in my dream (give me a break we lived in a small town)....and moments later he was pushed over the edge of a cliff by a bulldozer. Okay, so that didn't work so well. Sometimes dreams can be so bizarre, yet they seem so real. To this day I get much of my artistic inspiration from dreams, and here in this painting Alfred is enjoying his....Alfred's Dream, Acrylic on Canvas, 16x20, $600.
Prints (12x18) are available for $20 each.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Under the Weather

With all the rains here in the Seattle area this winter, it's inevitable it will influence the work of artists. The storm of December 2nd and 3rd 2007 had little effect on my home, maybe a few leaks here and there, but for many in this area it took everything they had. An area south of us was submerged underwater for days, closing 20 miles of a major west coast highway. The road survived...mostly...and what lost the battle has been rebuilt, but I can't help but wonder how most of the families are dealing with the loss of whatever is precious to them. Shortly after the flood I did this painting, titled "The Photograph" featuring old man Alfred sitting on his rooftop, or somebody elses...who knows? He holds a photograph and studies it, oblivious to the powers of the surrounding waters. He has saved a memory which is most precious to his heart. "The Photograph" Acrylic on Panel, 12x16, Framed $400.